* Version 0.97 (Dec 2011)     *
! proper size_t printing - >  fixed infamous "socket read error" bug!
! fixed ARM compilation issues / empty va_list handling {Lluis}
! fixed empty contact list syncing upon login
! fixed an issue with auto-login and auto-idle
+ better editbox history handling (with empty sentinel)
+ push current line into history buffer (^K-P)
+ safe history browsing [safe_history]
+ global commands (Alt-/): help, psm, status, etc.
* modified growlnotify cmdline (swapped title and message)

* Version 0.96 (Aug 2010)     *
! fixed a memleak regarding PSM parsing
* better macos/darwin integration (snd/url_exec)
* notify.pip no longer required (created on-demand)
  you can safely delete it
* user-defined notification script [pop_exec]
+ popup script defaults to Growl (growlnotify) under Darwin/MacOS
+ popup script defaults to notify-send under Linux

* Version 0.96beta3 (Jan 2010)*
+ auto-retry initial connection [max_retries]
+ remove contact from all groups
* skip redundant status changes
+ context menu with `m' when Contact List selected
* faster login (cached passport server) [passp_server]
* auto-ping every 60 sec [keep_alive]
+ personal message support (set/display) [psm]
+ MSNP12 support
+ new challenge/response implementation {Tibor}
! fixed a memory leak in clist group realloc
* list cleanup (better semantics)
+ set nickname upon login [force_nick]

* Version 0.94 (26 Dec 2007)  *
* improved handling of `notify.pip'
! clear screen on exit
+ menu bars
* reorganized menus
+ url parsing and handling [url_exec]
! proper redraw of xfer window (was missing in some cases)
- removed option as no longer used [snd_redirect]
* system() call for sound [snd_exec]
+ obfuscated stored password & tool
+ xfer list auto-focus
+ disable snd/popup in certain statuses [nonotif_mystatus]
! window bar drawing (utf8)
+ queue text messages preceding screen init.
+ toggle display of offline contacts (^F)
+ per-contact settings {Tibor}
* simplified sound daemon (with pipes)
+ pcspeaker tunes [sound]
+ internal pcspeaker support (linux-specific) {Tibor}
+ skip redundant 'says:' messages [skip_says]
+ acknowledge variable changes
+ don't close chat win after too recent msg (possibly unread!) [safe_msg]
* changed internal contact list representation
! fixed segv in eb_flush()
! fixed some memory leaks (valgrind rulez!)
* changed C_XXX color rep.
* improved BW color scheme
+ selectable contacts on contact list
* PgUp/Dn also work on contact list
! fixed SB pending status after error messages
+ built-in mini help (`?')
+ option to remove ALL contacts in a group
+ ignore common `Connection reset by peer' messages on SB [err_connreset]

* Version 0.92 (7 Nov 2006)   *
! display empty string when ctime_r() fails
+ support for transparent background
! fixed sb bug about existing connections and pthread_cancel() < Tibor > 
! fixed harmless bug in some timekeeping variable < Tibor > 
* improved gtmess_w script
+ multi-line input
+ enhanced line editor (unlimited buffer size)
! fixed gcc4 compile-time bug
! fixed msg_debug cfg var value
! fixed buffer overruns in notif/sb windows (huge messages)
+ NOTifications are handled correctly < Tibor > 
+ connection keep alive [keep_alive] {Tibor}
+ contact list cleanup
! fixed a wchar handling bug
! url-encoded strings are always utf-8
- removed gtmess_gw (no longer supported by MS)

* Version 0.91 (18 Mar 2005)  * 
! fixed contact list alias display (fit width)
! fixed segfault on F1/F2/F3 when no sb window open
+ reconnect and reinvite on existing sb windows
+ new window bar
+ full console (switchboard & notification) logging [log_console]
* enable/disable aliases in notification window [notif_aliases]
+ gtmess-gw command-line args to change default net addresses
+ automatic update of contact nicknames on server (upon logout) [update_nicks]
+ sound support (external player) [snd_dir, snd_exec, snd_redirect]
+ new icons

* Version 0.9 (19 Dec 2004)   * 
* updated documentation
* improved configure script
+ alternate key for @F7 and @F8 is ESC-& and ESC-*
* SIGINT and SIGQUIT are now handled like SIGTERM (logout and exit)
! fixed crashing upon signal when connections alive
! the value of server-stored options (Reverse List Prompting & 
  All Other Users) is correctly interpreted when modified under MSNP8
  (formerly the correct value was displayed only after the login process)
! msn.log is now correctly stored in `~/.gtmess' and not in `.'
! initial status change is sent *after* SYN (the patch for 0.8.2)
  (or everybuddy appear offline!)
+ MSNP9 support
- no more MSNP7 support
+ content logging of server messages
+ contact aliases in `~/.gtmess/aliases'
  can use always or instead of long nicks
! do not complain any more for empty lines in config file
* program architecture simplifications
+ ability to hide unrecognized messages
! do not crash when terminal window resizes
+ adapt to terminal window resize
+ more precise CVR string calculation (at configure time)
+ full unicode (UTF-8) support
+ display local time and time of last event
! do not send typing notifications on empty s/b (or you get disconnected)
+ automatic change to idle status after some time, back to online on keypress
+ auto-login on startup
+ ability to be un-invitable to a switchboard (only YOU can invite)
+ gtmess specific messages (BEEP, GTMESS, MSG, DLG)
+ configuration variables can be queried/modified/saved at runtime
+ more configuration variables
* modified some semantics/defaults of existing cfg vars
! if out-of-upper-bound value is given to a var, assume max value (not min)
! if initial status is FLN then don't send it to server
* improved & utf-8 compatible word wrap
+ user note facility

* Version 0.8.2 (15 Nov 2003) * 
! when only online contacts are shown, contact list scroll limits
  are correctly calculated
+ added --enable-msnp7 option at configure, to compile with MSNP7 support
  (MD5 authentication, no SSL)
+ improved configure script
! CVR string sent fixed: MSNP8 requires the login account 
  at the end instead of `null'

* Version 0.8.1 (7 Nov 2003)  * 
+ autoconf/automake configure script for compilation
! when adding a group, the group name now gets url-encoded correctly
+ certificates are now verified against a known list
* you can abort the login process when certificates
  do not verify or when the hostname does not match
+ configuration file support
* improved word wrapping
! iconv, iconv_close are not called when iconv_open fails
+ added option to display online contacts only
! fixed bug that caused a contact to be removed from AL 
  if it was removed from FL and still existed in some other group;
  now the contact is automatically removed from AL only if it is
  removed from FL and no other group contains it
+ BLP (block/allow all other users) and 
  GTC (prompt when others add you)
  settings that are stored in the server are now taken into consideration
  (formerly you could change them but they had no actual effect)
+ contact/group list cache
+ transfers window shows total number of entries
+ keyboard shortcuts: 
  * F5/F6 replaced by PgUp/PgDn
  * $F5/$F6 replaced by F5/F6
  * $F7/$F8 replaced by @F7/@F8
  + ESC-1..0 generates F1..F10
  + Alt-I shortcut for Alt-L-F-< sel > -I  (invite)
! send CCL when local error occurs during file download
* replaced A_NORMAL with C_NORMAL, because on some terminals A_NORMAL
  was not white on black
- removed aggressive beeping! :-)
+ added option to enable/disable msnftp daemon

* Version 0.8.0 (16 Oct 2003) * 

+ first public release

! bugfix
* change/modification/update
+ addition
- removal
~ known bug
< X >  comments/suggestions by X
{X} contributed code by X
[x] configuration variable x